The Rookie

Derek Crapo

“I personally feel like the two greatest blessings from this job are the experience and the money. Summer sales gave me an opportunity to really push myself in a way that I hadn’t for a long time which has helped me become a more developed and hard working individual. Despite having challenging days, most were incredible. I had to opportunity to learn so much about sales, people, motivation, goals, and work.”


daehan jang

“To all of you who started your career in the exact same position as me, I can attest that if you dedicate yourself and put the work in, the life lessons and financial freedom you gain from this position are immeasurable….This job has allowed me to fulfill my life-long dream of providing for my family and loved ones all while capitalizing on other financial opportunities. These blessings are available to anyone willing to put the effort in and seize the opportunity before them.”

mr. 300

brady dayton

“The summer following my freshman year of college, I took a job selling ADT security. I became the top-selling first-year consultant, selling 119 accounts—triple the first-year average. The following two summers I generated 188 then 311 sales. This year, summer 2020, I hit the 350 mark. Who would have guessed this would result from a simple lunch with a recruiter—I was originally in it for the Jimmy John’s sandwich!”

go difference

lamont davis

“Over the summer, I feel like I’ve matured in the way I perceive myself and the value I bring as an individual and a leader. That’s thanks to the real relationships and encouragement of the management. A more obvious blessing has been the financial opportunity it provides, allowing me to make real changes in my family and my own life. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to continue to build and grow with these guys.


Start building your future and learn new communication, leadership, and sales skills by joining our team. By the end of the first summer, reps feel more confident in their ability to communicate, and achieve specific goals not only related to sales but real world applications.